Together with you, we will create tailored coverage for each particular risk to safeguard you against claims for damages or defending same should these be unjustifiably raised.

We also offer this protection within international insurance programs either as Lead or Follow insurer. We write primary as well as excess layer coverage.

Your contact persons in Underwriting, Policy Administration and Claims Handling have many years of experience especially in the area of international liability insurance. We provide substantial underwriting capacity for the appropriate cover of worldwide risks. We understand the risks from diverse business areas and develop with you solutions to safeguard against them. Individual Professional Indemnity coverage for the consulting professions and the directors and officers Insurance forms part of our range too.


What this means for you:

  • a team of experienced professionals from our team in the areas of underwriting, policy administration and claims
  • Specific expertise also in respect of specialist topics (e.g. recall, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical liability)
  • High capacity
  • Decisions are made in Germany
  • Specialising in industrial clients